QUINERGYS™ Cricket Bat Kashmir Willow Plain – Suitable for Playing with Leather Seasoned or Heavy Tennis Ball

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Handcrafted Quinergys? Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is choice of professional level players. Quinergys? cricket bat is made of superior quality material which provides durable performance. Quinergys? is equipped with twelve peace cane handle for maximum flexibility and strong grip. Quinergys? cricket bat has curved blade and thick edges that will be gives you sweet spot. Profile Designed for Power hitters to get the maximum from every blow.Quinergys? Power-sculpting has created the ultimate power zone. Weight of the Quinergys? bat is 1130gms to 1250gms. The willow of this Quinergys? Bat has been QC assured and certified to be more then six years old and from top grain.Quinergys? Bats are stroked out and ready to be used instantly. This Quinergys? bat has went through rigorous process of knocking. Quinergys?Bats are made from very best Grade 1+ Kashmir willow – This is the best willow that money can buy. The blade is unbleached with 8-12 straight grains and is blemish free to a large extent.

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Step by step guide to knocking in,Apply Raw linseed oil to the face, edges and back of the bat evenly, 2 to 3 teaspoons of oil is the correct amount. Whilst oiling take care not to oil the splice (where the handle fits into the blade), handle or labelled areas, also take great care not to over oil the bat as this will deaden the fibres of the timber and affect performance,Leave the bat horizontal and face up to dry for 24 hours,If you are planning to use the bat in its natural state, without an anti scuff sheet, then repeat steps 1 and 2 twice more. If you are planning to have a protective anti scuff sheet fitted then one initial coat of oil is sufficient,Wipe off any excess oil and knock in your bat with a specialist bat mallet for approximately 4 hours.





Part Number

Plain Titanium-108

Blade Material

Kashmir Willow


Short Handle

Playing Level

Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Recreational, Training

Age Group

15+ Yrs

Cover Included


Bat Grade

Grade 1



Designed For

Club Matches, International Matches

Suitable For

Leather Ball

Anti-Scuff Sheet


Toe Guard



"Q" Certification of Authencity

Barrell Material


End Cap


Handle Type


Handle Grip Type

Top Quality Imported "Octopus" Rubber Grip

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