Quinergys® Engraver Engraves Almost Any Surface in Minutes Works Like a Pen

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COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT:: Easily fits in your pocket or purse. Perfect travel size for the on-the-go projects. EASY TO USE:: Simply slide in the batteries (2 AA not included) and you are set to go. So easy to use it works just like a pen!::MULTI-PURPOSE:: Perfect for engraving on metal, wood, ceramic, glass, and more. NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED:: Cordless – operates with 2 AA batteries (not included)::EXPRESS YOURSELF:: With this engraving pen you can showcase your creativity. Engraving is simple. Decorate gifts, trophies and medals and help create memories that will last a lifetime::RECOMMENDED USES: Whether you are a professional engraver or want it simply as an accessory tool for your hobby; you won’t be disappointed. Perfect for marking your hand and power tools; use it for Arts and Crafts; identify, safeguard and easily locate your valuables such as jewelry and electronics::Great for art projects, for engraving and inscribing on glass, metal, plastic or wood.

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Brand new and high quality.
An easy way to protect your valuables.
Identify valuable appliances and equipment.
Decorate gifts or trophies with everlasting messages.
Personalize your sporting gear, children’s toys, tools and so on.
Hold the engrave like a pencil with your thumb over the control button.


Size: 18 x 2.9 x 2.9 cm
Color: blue and white
Used to inscribe almost any metal, wood, glass or plastic material
Powered by 2 AA batteries ( not included )


1. Please wear protective eyewear when engraving and wash hands immediately after use.
2. It is not recommended that you engrave electronic media such as CD’s or DVD’s because engraving on these materials may damage the media.

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